I’ve moved!

To here. I felt like I started this blog under the pretense of cooking as a creative outlet, but honestly we haven’t been cooking anything spectacular or share-worthy lately. True, I did a couple posts on not food, but they always felt like they didn’t belong, and kind of contrived. A lot of random creativity has been crowding my mental archives, so I decided to start another blog with a broader focus, as sort of a repository for my thoughts and little creations. Hope you join me over there!

Pear Tart

Hello, fall!  Goodness, I really let this slide.  It gives the impression that I didn’t cook anything, at least anything interesting, for the past 6 months.  Sadly, this is true.  Happily, it means that I spent the rest of my time having a wonderful summer which was full of travels, family, and driving.  Lots of driving.  Lots of this:

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Simple Greens (that taste good): Kale with Lemon and Garlic

Simple greens, not Simple Green.  Anyway.  Greens have always been a staple in my family’s meals.  More often than not, our meals would have three main components: rice, a meat dish, and greens.  Mind you, these greens were never, ever raw (salad?  What’s that?) unless already pickled, or used as a simple garnish.

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Ah, summer: Awesome Pasta Salad

So that was an awkward absence.  But for good reasons (I think).  In between the coconut thing and now, there was TAing, researching, thesis writing, thesis fiasco-ing, packing, last minute visiting, absolutely no cooking (shameful, and rather unappetizing by the end of it).  And there was this:

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All sitting in a row…

Eyeing its impending doom...the mini-screwdriver.

So I picked this thing up at one of the undergraduate dining halls, which tends to have whole fruit and vegetables (tomorrow’s raw ingredients) hanging out in lovely displays.  Usually I score a free orange or apple, but when I saw a coconut (tres exotique!), I had to grab one.

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