I’m Irena, and I run Thirsty Nerd. I started this blog with my husband, Kevin, in order to curate our favorite recipes and their methods. Kevin and I came from very different food backgrounds: I grew up completing small culinary tasks around the kitchen with my parents as they cooked and could make a mean pot of hot and sour soup from scratch by middle school, while Kevin chopped his first carrot as a sophomore in college.  I cook intuitively–by taste, smell, and past experience.

This drives Kevin absolutely nuts.

In contrast, Kevin cooks methodically–he follows recipes exactly, and when things don’t work out he researches a solution, usually from Harold McGee. But regardless of how different our cooking styles are, we love trying new recipes together, and then perfecting them. This blog is where you’ll find our absolute favorite recipes, recipes that we would feed you in person. The recipes will be categorized as Easy, Medium, and Textbook (because Kevin may have actually consulted some old food science textbooks and/or journals while figuring the Textbook recipes out), and more often than not will come with copious notes and troubleshooting guides.


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